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Research Centre

The Research Centre is the heart of UNITERS. It is here where science meets the inventive and creative capacity of man. 

It is the core around which everything in UNITERS revolves, and is always responsible for the first phase in the life cycle of any new product and all the subsequent sales and marketing activities associated with it.

The Research Centre is the very soul, the very essence of UNITERS, the force behind its research, learning, and creativity, and the place where testing and development aim at perfection.

The Research Centre is the source ofUNITERS’ prompt and effective answers to customer questions. It is where cleaning and protection product solutions are developed on the basis of thorough scientific understanding and consolidated technical experience of the experts.

Every day, the honorary president and lead research scientists, Dr. Tork and his team of researchers are hard at work in the analysis and development of new products for the care and cleaning of all types of materials including leather, fabric, wood, glass, plastic, marble, and steel.

The Research Centre is the place where thought and reflection merge with machinery and technology to guarantee unbeatable results. It is where human experience is applied to complex and sophisticated equipment to verify how the surfaces of materials behave and change when Uniters products are applied to them.