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Code of Ethics

Ethics in company activity are fundamentally important for allowing a Company to work well with, and gain credibility from, its shareholders, clients and suppliers and, more in general, the whole economic context in which it works. UNITERS is intent on transforming the knowledge and appreciation of the ethic values to which it relates into an advantage.

The Company has therefore decided to use this Code of Ethics and behaviour (hereonwards referred to as “Code of Ethics” or “Code”), which it proposes to confirm and turn into a document containing the principles of correctness, loyalty, integrity and transparency of Company behaviour, its way of working and the development of relations both internally and with third parties. The “Receivers” of the Code of Ethics are those who work for the Company: the staff, the administrators, the control organs and also the internal and external collaborators who contribute in reaching the company objectives on management and vigilance. These subjects must therefore have knowledge of the contents of this Code of Ethics, contribute in its realisation, and also spread the principles developed in it.

The regulations in the Code of Ethics integrate the behaviour that the Receivers must observe by virtue of both civil and penal laws, regulations in force, and the obligations indicated by collective bargaining. Receivers who violate the Code of Ethics regulations damage company trust, causing damage, and shall be subject to the relative sanctions. Application of the Code of Ethics is assigned to the Administrative Body, which uses the company structures and, for control, the Surveillance Body established in compliance with Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001 (hereonwards indicated as “Surveillance Body”).